De laatste updates van openbron samenwerkinsgplatformen:

Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware 6.5 LTS
19 Dec 2011 22:18 Release Notes: This release includes several bugfixes and two security patches. There are no new features in this release.

WebIssues 1.0
20 Dec 2011 03:20 This version includes a built-in Web Client, which allows the system to be accessed from anywhere using a Web browser. The mechanisms of views, tracking state of issues, alerts, and email notifications were completely redesigned. Localization support was improved and the types of attributes were extended, e.g. with multi-select drop down attributes. It’s possible to move and delete issues and to edit and delete existing comments and attachments. The manual was completely rewritten.

Simple Groupware 0.731
22 Dec 2011 03:34 The calendar view from the users module was extended with absences. A new Portuguese translation was added. The IMAP module was changed to use seen states from an IMAP server. A fix was applied to week numbers in the calendar module



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