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After you append new characters in an HTML page text area in Internet Explorer 7, the original characters in the text area are replaced with the new characters

An Internet Explorer 7 browser window does not open on an alternative desktop on a Windows Vista-based computer

An HTML application that uses the “onbeforeunload” event closes unexpectedly in Internet Explorer 7 when you click “Cancel”

Automatic configuration does not work in Internet Explorer 8

BUG: A script that uses the execCommand function together with the SaveAs command does not save a Web page in Internet Explorer 7 on a Windows Vista-based computer

Description of Internet Explorer Application and Web Site Compatibility

Error message in Internet Explorer when you click a hyperlink that links to a file whose name contains UTF-8-encoded characters: “The page cannot be displayed”

How to troubleshoot network connectivity problems in Internet Explorer

How to turn the Internet Explorer Phishing Filter or the SmartScreen Filter on or off

Information about the Windowed SELECT control and about the Windowless SELECT control in Internet Explorer 7

Internet Explorer 8 and Internet Explorer 9 take longer than expected to start

Explorer 8 is slow to load a Web page that contains the BASE tag

Internet Explorer does not support user names and passwords in Web site addresses (HTTP or HTTPS URLs)

Internet Explorer stops unexpectedly when you try to use a JavaScript command to start Internet Explorer at a specific size and location

Internet Explorer Uses Proxy Server for Local IP Address Even if the “Bypass Proxy Server for Local Addresses” Option Is Turned On

Intranet site is identified as an Internet site when you use an FQDN or an IP address

Memory leak occurs when behaviors are dynamically removed

Part of a pop-up window appears off-screen in Internet Explorer 8

Running multiple versions of Internet Explorer on a single instance of Windows is unsupported

Separation of Internet Explorer 7 from the Windows shell

The Cut command and the Copy command do not work correctly on an InfoPath form element in Internet Explorer 7 if you use the shortcut menu

The Platform for Privacy Preferences privacy policy of a Web site is lost when the Encoding option of Internet Explorer is set to “Auto-Select”

The temporary Internet file cache grows without a limit when a Silverlight application continues to run in Internet Explorer

The “window.focus” and “window.blur” methods do not set the focus on a new window in Internet Explorer 8 if the window was created by another Iexplorer.exe process

Troubleshoot problems playing online games using Internet Explorer

You cannot resize the frames in a nested frameset when you open a Web page in Internet Explorer 8

You cannot select a drop-down list in a modal dialog box in Internet Explorer 8 after you set the document.domain property

You cannot use the drag-and-drop operation to copy a hyperlink that has more than 256 characters in Internet Explorer 7 or in Internet Explorer 8

You cannot use Explorer View on a SharePoint site in Internet Explorer 8

You have to re-enter user credentials after you send credentials through the XMLHttpRequest object and view the page in a new tab in Internet Explorer 8