2018.05.23-25 Umbraco Codegarden

23-25 may
Umbraco Codegarden is the annual Umbraco conference in Odense, Denmark.

Umbraco beveiligingsprobleem

Umbraco meldt een ernstig beveiligingsprobleem en raadt om het bestand


te verwijderen. Mogelijk heb je daarover een mail gekregen en vond je die verdacht, maar het is wel degelijk een bericht van bij Ulbraco zelf.

Volgens hun gegevens zou slechts 1% van de installaties dat bestand gebruiken. Als je webservices gebruikt in je eigen code, kan je beveiligen door IP beperkingen in te stellen op

  •  /umbraco/webservices/api.

CMS updates

De laatste updates van openbron Content Management Systemen:

DotNetNuke® Community Edition CMS 06.02.02 Released:Aug 1 2012

BitNami ocPortal Stack 8.1.2-0 2012-07-20

BitNami DokuWiki Stack 20120125b-0 2012-07-19

Exponent CMS 2.0.8 28 Jul 2012 04:36 Release Notes: This release focuses on enhancing list management (tags, categories, comments) by adding bulk processing, adds manual sorting to the news module and random sorting to the links module, adds tabbed and accordion views to the photo album; adds a quick upload feature to the WYSIWYG editor, implements email alerts for the blog, news, and file downloads (subscribe to updates), plus many other tweaks, fixes, online documentation updates, and features

Fork CMS 3.4.2 31 Jul 2012 21:01 Release Notes: Upgraded jQueryUI.

WebGUI 7.10.25 31 Jul 2012 20:37 Release Notes: This release contains fixes for 27 different bugs in the Search asset, Friends, Calendar, Groups, Cache, HttpProxy, Shop, DataForm, Exporting as HTML, Asset Report, file privileges in uploads, and several parts of the API. Custom WebGUI plugins written using WebGUI::Crud with hand built forms should be reviewed. A serious bug in how Crud handles forms has been fixed, and the side-effect of the bug is now that forms processed by updateFromFormPost must include all fields, otherwise the data in fields that are missing from the form will be lost

Saint CMS is a combination CMS and eCommerce package built atop a rapid development framework. It is high performance, easy to use, and provides convenient tools for creating sites with custom content types. It includes a built-in blog, an image gallery, a slideshow, a file manager, a shop with downloadable product options, an event logging system, a WYSIWYG editor, and more. 1.4.0b 02 Aug 2012 04:28 Release Notes: This beta of first GPLv3 release includes improved security and a modules system.

BEdita 3.2 beta 2 “populus” 04 Aug 2012 06:07 Release Notes: Most notable changes in this release include a Spanish UI translation, a way to enable and disabled add-ons in the admin module, new utility functions such as as ‘update stream fields’, ‘rebuild index’, ‘cleanup cache’, ’empty logs’, and ‘clear media cache’, a simple mobile frontend (, many improvements in the import/export filter, and support for plugin locales in .po files. For concurrent access, update was removed from viewObject to avoid fake concurrent alerts

MiniMagAsm is minimalistic, but powerful and flexible content management system (CMS). It is a rewrite of MiniMag in assembly language (FASM). As expected, it is a very small and very fast Web application. It has a flexible architecture and is highly customizable by the user without the need for the code to be changed and recompiled. The system uses .txt files to store articles, formatted with a lightweight markup language which is very similar to Markdown. MiniMagAsm is portable CGI application which runs on Windows or Linux Web hosting.

Cobra CMS is a light-weight content management system designed primarily for server-side .NET developers. Current status is still experimental/planning phase.

Umbraco 4.8.0 Released:Jul 19 2012

Umbraco 4.8.1 Released:Aug 14 2012


CMS updates

De laatste updates van openbron Content Management Systemen:

Fork CMS 3.3.9 22 May 2012 11:08 Release Notes: The core received a method to subscribe to events from within the installer. Profiles now has a widget that shows a login box. CKFinder was upgraded to 2.2 and CKEditor to 3.6.3. An issue where pages that were dropped on an empty footer tree disappeared was fixed 3.3.11 29 May 2012 09:54 Release Notes: A typo that caused loading of the initial locale to fail was fixed.

WatchersNet CKEditor Provider for DotNetNuke CKEditor Provider 1.14.05 Released:May 19 2012

Orchard 1.4.2 Released: May 21 2012

dotCMS 2.0.1 25 May 2012 21:51 Release Notes: This is a security patch for the 2.0.x series to fix a vulnerability issue reported at .

DotNetNuke® Community Edition CMS 06.02.00 Released:May 29 2012

DotNetNuke® Links Released:Jun 5 2012

Exponent CMS 2.0.7 30 May 2012 21:36 Release Notes: This release focuses on bugfixes and enhanced speed, designs Old-School modules to look/work like newer modules, and adds WYSIWYG comments, new formmodule control descriptions, a calendar goto date, recycle bin management, an export-to-pdf option, and many other fixes and updates.

eZ Publish 2012.5 31 May 2012 21:18 Release Notes: This build brings a brand new installation wizard, 8 bugfixes (10 including the unregistered ones), and 4 pull requests.

Umbraco CMS 5.2 Beta Released:Jun 7 2012



Update van Umbraco en Kooboo

De laatste updates van openbron Content Management Systemen:

Umbraco 5.1 CMS
Released: Apr 27 2012

Kooboo CMS 3.2.1
Released: Apr 27 2012

CMS updates

Joomla 2.5 is uitgebracht! Maar er is meer nieuws uit de openbron Content Management System wereld:

Joomla 1.7.4 Released Tuesday, 24 January 2012 00:00 4 security issues fixed

Joomla 2.5.0 Released Tuesday, 24 January 2012 06:00 In addition to the new Joomla Platform, the following new features have been added. -Add ablility to turn off the email to user when an Admin creates a user (Andrea Tarr) -Improvements for batch processing (Michael Babker) -Menu item parameter “Note” (Marcell van Geest) -No “new user notification” email sent to admin (Kenny Wickstrom) -Implementing default text per language in syndicate module (Jean-Marie Simonet) -Implementing image option for the offline.php default page (Jean-Marie Simonet) -Joomla! update notification button in the quickicons module (Nicholas Dionysopoulos) -Debug Plugin Reloaded (Nikolai Plath) -*Option to set Joomla to Site Offline (YES) during installation (fade2grey) -Patch to enable change of newsfeed display direction (Mathieu Cattin) -Add a true autoloader to the CMS (Rouven Weßling) -Database Version Check (Mark Dexter) -“Select a Menu Item Type” in modal box in menu item edit page (Dennis Hermatski) -Improving SEO: New system plugin: languagecode (Jean-Marie Simonet) -Manager for Language Overrides (Patrick Alt) -Easier workflow by linking Menu Manager: Add Menu to Module Manager: Module Menu (Andrew Eddie, Jacques Rentzke) -Add an option to filter the mod_whosonline by groups of the connected user (Christophe Demko) -Add a check for native ZIP support to the Installation (Rouven Weßling) -Add ability to support other databases starting with Microsoft SQL Server / Windows Azure (Hooduku Team) -mod_status optimization (Kyle Ledbetter) -Category filtering on content doesn’t including sub-categories (Ofer Cohen) -User Notes (Andrew Eddie) -Use the images and urls fields to create simple standardized layouts (Elin Waring) -Custom Black List in Text Filters – Ready to test – Makes it possible to overwrite default blacklist – Joomla 1.7 (Tore B. Krudtaa, Denise McLaurin) -Captcha in the core (Jonnathan S. Lima, Rouven Weßling, Nicola Galgano) -Finder Integration (Rob Schley, Michael Babker, Elin Waring, Chris Davenport, Omar Ramos, Viet Hoang Vu, Jean Marie Simonet, Rouven Weßling, Louis Landry, Gabriele Pongelli)

BitNami Joomla! Stack 2.5.0-0 27 Jan 2012 21:05 Release Notes: This release updates Joomla! to 2.5.0, PHP to 5.3.9, and phpMyAdmin to 3.4.9.

Umbraco CMS 5.0 RC 3 Released: Jan 25 2012

Elefant CMS 1.1.2-Beta 25 Jan 2012 22:21 Beta Release Notes: Improved caching logic, mobile/tablet detection, I18n support, PostgreSQL in site backups, WordPress and CSV blog post importers, and several APIs including Users and Forms, which now features an ultra-concise closure-based handling technique. This release improves the Designer app to maximize screen space for editing layouts and stylesheets, improves and adds several new unit tests, and fixes numerous other bugs

Exponent CMS 2.0.4 27 Jan 2012 23:26 Release Notes: This release implements a revised installation/upgrade process; administrators are now informed when upgrades are needed or version updates are available. The WYSIWYG editor now more faithfully displays content styles and offers additional customizations. Tag viewing, usage, and management were improved. Improved display of Module aggregation selection. Missing and orphan files can now be removed/added to File Manger. There are many other updates and fixes

Dokuwiki 2012-01-25 26 Jan 2012 22:02 Release Notes: This release features version handling of media files, just like pages. Old versions are saved, and the change history is available in the “recent changes” list as well as in RSS. A new media manager with drag and drop support. The plugin and template developer can now also enjoy using the power of jQuery

De makers van het Umbraco Content Management System brengen op het net, met

  • tutorials voor webmasters die het CMS gebruiken
  • tutorials voor ontwikkelaars die het platform gebruiken