Foutmelding in Dreamweaver

V. Ik heb een oudere versie van Dreamweaver (de nieuwe is onbetaalbaar voor schoolgebruik). Ik krij regelmatig javascript foutmeldingen. Wat kan ik doen?

A. Komen die foutmeldingen bij het wisselen van pagina’s (klikken op de tabs onderaan)? In dat geval, ga met Windows Verkenner naar C:\Program Files\Macromedia\Dreamweaver MX\Configuration\Toolbars en hernoem toolbars.xml in een bestand met andere extensie (bv. toolbars.weg).

Dreamweaver 8: giving up

Crashes and poofs are so extremely frequent on Vista that I decided to give up Dreamweaver 8. Forever.

I’ve lost far too much work and time on this.

I can only advise to anyone to revert to MX 2004, or to switch to another product. In any case, the only thing I’ll miss about that version 8 was Shift+Ctrl+V to paste as text.

Dreamweaver 8 vanishes without warning

On this Vista machine Dreamweaver 8 tends to disappear without warning and without error message. It seems to occur only when Firefox is open and it might be related to the use of the clipboard, but the problem also happens when the clipboard is empty.

Please save your files in DW on a very regular basis.

Sometimes DW8 behaves as if it were not compatible with Vista at all, and crashes after less then two minutes. Disabkling Aero has no positive effect.


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