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Updates van openbron samenwerkingsplatformen

De laatste updates van openbron samenwerkingsplatformen:

Blue Mind 1.0 beta 5 12 Jul 2012 19:55 Release Notes: This release adds bugfixes, a new contact interface, better design, address book handling, and an offline mode in the Web browser.

GroupOffice groupware 4.0.77 27 Jul 2012 21:33 Release Notes: This is mainly a bugfix release. Some issues with SyncML, CardDAV, and CalDAV were fixed. The German and Norwegian translations were updated. There’s support for encrypted notes now, so you can protect sensitive data with a password

Tine 2.0 Joey (2012/10) Alpha 1 26 Jul 2012 12:41 Release Notes: This is the first technology preview version of the upcoming Tine 2.0 Joey release. It includes a new HumanResources application, a new linking panel, configurable password policies, a Calendar interface, sync improvements, and more new features and improvements

LogicalDOC 6.5 06 Aug 2012 20:56 Release Notes: The ability to manage templates for email messages. Extended properties to display in search results. Search suggestions. Get document history via Web services. Find a folder by path via Web services. The ability to request a preview from the document’s version history

Cerb is a fast and flexible Web-based platform for business collaboration and automation. It helps you remember anything about anyone, collaborate from anywhere, deftly reply to a flood of email, automate, stay informed, capture feedback, track time, flag opportunities, manage tasks, share expert knowledge, and otherwise execute efficiently. 6.0.4 09 Aug 2012 23:19 Release Notes: This maintenance update includes 6 usability enhancements and minor fixes. It fixes an issue where ticket URLs could have spaces in them. Switching between workspace tabs on a slow connection will no longer append worklists to the wrong tabs. Custom fields are now set on tasks before Virtual Attendant behavior runs for the ‘New task created’ event. As defined by RFC-2231, the ‘Content-Disposition:’ header is checked before ‘Content-Type’ for naming attachments. API credentials can be created for non-admin workers

XWiki 4.2 Milestone 2 07 Aug 2012 20:36 Release Notes: This release adds support for storing an email address and a list of wiki page names in XWiki objects using dedicated xclass property types. It also adds the ability to have an object property whose value is computed from the other properties. For developers, this release introduces default custom displayers for easier customization of the way XWiki object properties are displayed

TOMUSS 4.1.2 20 Aug 2012 21:52 Release Notes: This release has an interface to choose the column content type more easily. Tips are now displayed only if the user asks for them.

Openbron e-commerce en business oplossingen

De laatste updates van openbron e-commerce en business oplossingen:

Aladobix ERP 2.0 27 Jul 2012 21:36 Release Notes: Many improvements; the code base has been redesigned. Now includes an integrated plugins-based free Webstore for aladobix ERP. Plugins are BSD licensed.

X-Cart 4.5.2 30 Jul 2012 21:14 Release Notes: PayPal Access enables your customers to sign in to your store quickly and securely using their PayPal account. iFrame One-step checkout for X-Payments: now your customers don’t see an extra step to enter credit card details with X-Payments. Integration with ACH Federal, a complete on-line ACH payment platform. Integration with Lexity Live, a free real-time analytics tool. Add To Cart Popup allows your customers to see what they have added to the cart along with products you want to upsell. A built-in X-Cart EU Cookie Law module. Integration with Allied Wallet for credit card processing

Dolibarr ERP & CRM 3.2.0 08 Aug 2012 23:08 Release Notes: This major feature release enhances product and stock management, adds a lot of new features and an API for developers, cleans and optimizes the code, and adds a lot of changes to match quality rules (unit test, checkstyle, etc.). PHP versions less than 5.x are no longer supported.

Zarafa ZCP 7.0.9 final 10 Aug 2012 22:42 Release Notes: This minor maintaince release fixes a large number of backend issues with rare potential issues which could occur in special archiving setups. It includes a patch which will fix Web access for sles 11 sp2, and a fix and a fix script for appointments with a resource which were booked with Outlook 2007 in 7.0.4. New appointments will now be booked correctly (for 7.0.9 and up). Old appointments can be fixed by running update-resource-recipients on the resource.

Dada Mail 5.2.1 18 Aug 2012 07:31 Release Notes: This release primarily contains fixes for problems with the bundled KCFinder’s ability to browser and upload files.

Openbron software voor onderwijs

De laatste (updates van) openbron software voor onderwijs

TCExam 11.3.004 26 Jul 2012 23:13 Release Notes: This release adds a bugfixed version of TCPDF. 11.3.007 02 Aug 2012 17:26 Release Notes: This version includes the updated version of the Arabic translation and a bugfixed TCPDF library. 11.3.008 06 Aug 2012 20:55 Release Notes: This version contains a fix for a security vulnerability.

I, Librarian 2.8 09 Aug 2012 23:14 Release Notes: This version brings PDF Icon View, which displays PDF files in the form of medium-sized images containing the top half of the first page of each PDF file. This listing type should appeal particularly to those users who prefer to use their visual memory

LimeSurvey 1.92+ Build 120808 08 Aug 2012 21:22 Release Notes: An issue was fixed where the database was not properly updated in MS SQL when updating from 1.85 or older. The question type Array (numbers) was fixed to work with numbers >10 as labels. The translations for Czech,German, Malay, Polish, and Turkish were updated

— Foreign Language Text Reader (FLTR) FLTR helps you to do both extensive and intensive reading as part of your foreign language acquisition in an easy and pleasant way. While reading, you look up unknown words in web dictionaries (you must be online to do so) and save vocabulary terms (words and multi-word expressions) with translations, romanization (like Pinyin, Hiragana, etc., optional) and example sentence (optional). Each term has also a learning status (1/”Unknown” to 5/”Known”, plus Statuses “Ignored” and “Well Known”) with an associated color.

No nuevo: Learning with Texts (LWT) is a tool for Language Learning, inspired by Stephen Krashen’s principles in Second Language Acquisition, Steve Kaufmann’s LingQ System and ideas from Khatzumoto (AJATT). Read & listen, save & test words in context!

Open Administration for Schools 7.00 18 Aug 2012 04:02 Release Notes: This release adds single logon for the teacher site, an announcement system (parent, teacher, admin), and updates to a variety of other systems. Support for the Canadian First Nations INAC (federal) nominal roll system (based on XML transfers) was added. It also adds scripts for the Alberta Education system for transferring data to provincial authorities. The installation/update system was updated


CMS updates

De laatste updates van openbron Content Management Systemen:

DotNetNuke® Community Edition CMS 06.02.02 Released:Aug 1 2012

BitNami ocPortal Stack 8.1.2-0 2012-07-20

BitNami DokuWiki Stack 20120125b-0 2012-07-19

Exponent CMS 2.0.8 28 Jul 2012 04:36 Release Notes: This release focuses on enhancing list management (tags, categories, comments) by adding bulk processing, adds manual sorting to the news module and random sorting to the links module, adds tabbed and accordion views to the photo album; adds a quick upload feature to the WYSIWYG editor, implements email alerts for the blog, news, and file downloads (subscribe to updates), plus many other tweaks, fixes, online documentation updates, and features

Fork CMS 3.4.2 31 Jul 2012 21:01 Release Notes: Upgraded jQueryUI.

WebGUI 7.10.25 31 Jul 2012 20:37 Release Notes: This release contains fixes for 27 different bugs in the Search asset, Friends, Calendar, Groups, Cache, HttpProxy, Shop, DataForm, Exporting as HTML, Asset Report, file privileges in uploads, and several parts of the API. Custom WebGUI plugins written using WebGUI::Crud with hand built forms should be reviewed. A serious bug in how Crud handles forms has been fixed, and the side-effect of the bug is now that forms processed by updateFromFormPost must include all fields, otherwise the data in fields that are missing from the form will be lost

Saint CMS is a combination CMS and eCommerce package built atop a rapid development framework. It is high performance, easy to use, and provides convenient tools for creating sites with custom content types. It includes a built-in blog, an image gallery, a slideshow, a file manager, a shop with downloadable product options, an event logging system, a WYSIWYG editor, and more. 1.4.0b 02 Aug 2012 04:28 Release Notes: This beta of first GPLv3 release includes improved security and a modules system.

BEdita 3.2 beta 2 “populus” 04 Aug 2012 06:07 Release Notes: Most notable changes in this release include a Spanish UI translation, a way to enable and disabled add-ons in the admin module, new utility functions such as as ‘update stream fields’, ‘rebuild index’, ‘cleanup cache’, ’empty logs’, and ‘clear media cache’, a simple mobile frontend (, many improvements in the import/export filter, and support for plugin locales in .po files. For concurrent access, update was removed from viewObject to avoid fake concurrent alerts

MiniMagAsm is minimalistic, but powerful and flexible content management system (CMS). It is a rewrite of MiniMag in assembly language (FASM). As expected, it is a very small and very fast Web application. It has a flexible architecture and is highly customizable by the user without the need for the code to be changed and recompiled. The system uses .txt files to store articles, formatted with a lightweight markup language which is very similar to Markdown. MiniMagAsm is portable CGI application which runs on Windows or Linux Web hosting.

Cobra CMS is a light-weight content management system designed primarily for server-side .NET developers. Current status is still experimental/planning phase.

Umbraco 4.8.0 Released:Jul 19 2012

Umbraco 4.8.1 Released:Aug 14 2012


Office 2013 Preview 7: Powerpoint

In Powerpoint 2013 is me opgevallen:

  • Where you left off: je ziet waar je laatst mee bezig was
  • Storyboarding – een nieuwe manier om dingen te illustreren

Openbron software voor gezondheidszorg

De laatste updates van openbron software voor gezondheidszorg:

Amide’s a Medical Imaging Data Examiner 1.0.2 23 Jun 2012 23:01 Release Notes: This release adds MIP and MINIP rendering methods for thick slices, enables the Mac bundle to export JPEG images, adds the ability to separate diffusion data into two volumes, enables scrollwheel use on canvases, makes mutual information alignment handle negative values, and adds assorted bugfixes

The Image-Guided Surgery Toolkit is a high-level, component-based framework that provides common functionality for image-guided surgery applications. The framework is a set of high-level components integrated with low-level open source software libraries and application programming interfaces (API) from hardware vendors. IGSTK provides, among other things, the ability to read and display medical images, an interface to common tracking hardware, and GUI and visualization capabilities. 5.0 28 Jul 2012 04:53 Release Notes: This release added support for the Certus optical Tracker, Polaris Classic, CamBar B2, easyTrack 500, and monocular tracking using ArUco.

HealthVault PowerShell Is Software on Device Application (SODA) It is a client application developed in .NET Technology, connects to HealthVault and fetches the personal health information of the HealthVault user.  Our client application runs from the PowerShell.

What’s My Heart Rate 2.1.2 14 Aug 2012 07:00 Release Notes: This release supports multiple profiles for history charting.

nut – Nutrition software 17.12 16 Aug 2012 01:08 Release Notes: This release fixes some bugs and changes the way essential fatty acid reference values are computed in order to emphasize the essentiality of alpha-linolenic acid.

Office 2013 Preview 6: Excel

In Excel 2013 is me opgevallen:

  • Het invoegen van een App (programma) in een rekenblad.
  • De filtermogelijkheden zijn uitgebreid met een slicer en een timeline.
  • Er is een Power viewer.
  • Bij de grafieken krijg je naast de bestaande mogelijkehden ook aanbevolen grafiekn, en de nieuwe Combo chart, Pivot chart en de vernieuwde sparklines.

Office 2013 Preview 5: Word

Enkele bedenkingen bij Word 2013:

  • Vergeet de talen niet te downloaden om spellingscontrole mogelijk te maken. Word zal je zelf de weg wijzen van zodra het nodig is.
  • Er komt de mogelijkheid om PDF bestanden te openen en te bewerken. Helaas werkt dat nog niet naar behoren.
  • De bibliografische database volgt je. Een referentie invoegen betekent dat die beschikbaar blijft.

Office 2013 Preview 4: functionaliteit

Tussen de functionaliteiten van office 2013 vallen op:

  • De integratie met Skydrive
  • Waardoor je overal toegang hebt tot je documenten (tenzij je locaal hebt opgeslagen
  • Online toegang heb je bv. ook via voor mail, de nieuwe emaildienst die Hotmail opvolgt.
  • De “Laatst bewerkte documenten” zijn overal hetzelfde
  • Qua interface: de vernieuwde Windows 8 look-and-feel, met ingebrip van touch
  • File, Options, Services – waarmee je bv. Skydrive, Office, LinkedIn kan instellen
  • Het nieuw Openen en opslaan-schermen dat rekening houdt met de Skydrive integratie.

Office 2013 Preview 3: schermen

De schermen van Office 2013 zien er zo uit:

De backstage (het File-menu) is aangepast aan de nieuwe functionaliteiten (met name opslaan op en openen van Skydrive):

Het lint ziet er vertrouwd uit – de wijzigingen zijn vooral cosmetisch:

Nieuw is wel het Account gedeelte, waarin de login gegevens voorbv. Skydrive zichtbaar/instelbaar zijn.

Office 2013 Preview 2: wat?

  • Office 2013 is de volgende versie van Office, de meest populaire suite met bureeltoepassingen.
  • Het is eigenlijk Office 365 (een cloud-Office) die naar desktop wordt gebracht.
  • Office 2013 installeert Skydrive. Houd er rekening mee dat alle (ja, alle) bestanden die je op Skydrive hebt staan of gepubliceerd, worden gedownload.
  • Na de installatie krijg je dit menu:

Mesh opgegeten door Windows Essentials?

V. Ik wilde de nieuwse versie van Windows Essentials installeren, maar ben gestopt metd e installatie bij het waarschuwingsscherm dat Mesh vervangen wordt door Skydrive. Gaat Windwos Essentials mijn bestanden op Mesh opeten?

A. Neen hoor – geen zorgen maken. Je bestanden blijven mooi staan, je krijgt een icoon Skydrive in Windows Verkenner (dus makkelijker openen en opslaan), en de synchronisatie werkt perfect. Houd echter wel rekening met deze dingen:

  • Alle bestanden die je ooit op Skydrive hebt geplaatst (bv. foto albums) worden gedownload en ook lokaal opgeslagen.
  • Als je Essentials installeert op één van de synchroniserende toestellen, installeer het dan ook op de andere. Zo zal de synchronisatie zuich niet verslikken.

Babylon weg?

V. Hoe krijg ik die Babylon weg uit Internet Explorer?

A. Babylon was ooit een prima vertaaltool, en nu is het een gigantische nachtmerrie. Normaal gezien krijg je het weg als je de stappen volgt op . Indien niet, is er iets op je toestel geïnstalleerd dat het terugbrengt. Desinstalleer in dat geval de laatst geïnstalleerde gratis programma’s

WordPress sites overtreden wet op cookies?

V. Ik heb net een artikel gevonden over een nieuwe Europese reglementering met betrekking tot cookies, dat stelt dat WordPress sites in overtreding zijn.

Klopt dat?

A. Ja, er is inderdaad een nieuwe set van regels. Je kan je WordPress site daaraan aanpassen door gebruik te makne van een plug-in, bijvoorbeeld EU Cookie Law – of Cookie Control –

Laatst geopende bestanden

V. Kan ik de lijst van de laatst geopende bestanden wissen? Ik gebruik Windows 7.

A. Ja, dat kan. Rechtsklik op de startknop en kies eigenschappen. Onder Privacy kruis je uit:

  • “Onlange geopende programma’s …” voor de programma’s die boven de streep worden getoond in het startmenu.
  • “Onlangs geopende items …” voor de bestanden die opgelijst worden onder de laatst geopende bestanden.

Je kan de opties nadien terug inschakelen.

Algunos creen que para ser amigos basta con querer, como si para estar sano bastara con desear la salud