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Een boekje in Word

Men vraagt me regelmatig hoe je een A5 boekje kan maken in Word. Misschien toch de moeite om er een item aan te wijden.

Er zijn twee wegen die kunnen bewandeld worden:

  • de printerinstellingen bij het afdrukken
  • de pagina-instellingen (meerdere pagina’s, katern)

Er staan gedetailleerde instructies op



If you use Vista and are tired of the warnings issued by UAC (User Account Control) or want to tweak it, you definitely should have a look at This free tool lets you tweak this and wuite zome other settings.

Als je Vista gebruikt en de veiligheidwaarschuwingen kwijt wil, bekijk dan zeker waarmee je UAC en heel wat meer kan instellen.

Hosting: get away from iPowerweb

Since some time, I was experiencing problems with iPowerweb. It started with erratic favicons, then PHP errors in plain HTML pages. Then, it turned out that their offer to host several domains on one plan was not useable (not to say it turned out to be a lie). And then, out of the blue, some PHP applications on my site were broken, and I couldn’t access FTP any more.
It seems iPowerweb was a great company, once. For now, I can just advise you to get away as soon as possible. Hostjury has an interesting offer of get you migrated for free to another paid hosting.


Microsoft announces version 8 of Internet Explorer for the first half of next year. Information is being published all over the web. I’ll keep my IE page up to date. Some details will be discussed here.


You know I’m a fan of But there is a new application for creating web photo albums. You might have a look at
Album Creator .NET
An Open Source application for creating html photo galleries.
And besides, JAlbum has now reached version 7.4. And the site offers free hosting of photo albums.


WindowsLive SkyDrive : bestanden online zetten met paswoordbescherming. Je hebt alleen een Live account nodig.

Hosting disaster

On December, 22 we had to migrate hosts because the old hosting company was going nuts. Some of the users might have problems. We want to apologize.

El 22 de diciembre tuvimos que cambiar de servidor con toda urgencia. Ha habido una interrupción de un par de horas, por lo que nos disculpamos.


Nadie nace sabiendo