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Dreamweaver 8: giving up

Crashes and poofs are so extremely frequent on Vista that I decided to give up Dreamweaver 8. Forever.

I’ve lost far too much work and time on this.

I can only advise to anyone to revert to MX 2004, or to switch to another product. In any case, the only thing I’ll miss about that version 8 was Shift+Ctrl+V to paste as text.

Dreamweaver 8 vanishes without warning

On this Vista machine Dreamweaver 8 tends to disappear without warning and without error message. It seems to occur only when Firefox is open and it might be related to the use of the clipboard, but the problem also happens when the clipboard is empty.

Please save your files in DW on a very regular basis.

Sometimes DW8 behaves as if it were not compatible with Vista at all, and crashes after less then two minutes. Disabkling Aero has no positive effect.

Wat zijn die rare markeringen in Word?

Q. Wat zijn die rare markeringen in Word (rode stippellijnen, dingen in de marge enz)?

A. Dat zijn wijzigingen die Word heeft gemarkeerd.

  • Je kan Word vragen wijzigingen bij te houden door Extra, Wijzigingen bijhouden (Tools, Track changes) te activeren, of door te dubbelklikken op WZG (TRK) in de statusbar.
  • Je kan wijzigingen aanvaarden of niet aanvaarden door erop te rechtsklikken, of de blauwe V en rode X in de werkbalk Wijzigingen bijhouden (Track changes). Je kan ervoor kiezen om alle wijzigingen in één keer aan te nemen of te verwerpen.
  • Meer informatie hier:
    How does Track Changes in Microsoft Word work?
    How to track and manage changes in a Word document

Ik kan alleen nog bestanden lezen in Word en Excel, maar niets meer wijzigen

Q. Ik kan alleen nog bestanden lezen in Word en Excel, maar niets meer wijzigen. Wat is er aan de hand?

A. Je licentie is verlopen. Je moet je kopij van Offcie activeren.

BSOD in Vista

If you experience blue screens of death in Vista, it might be related to the video driver. Disable hardware acceleration in the display options. Try to update the video driver to a later version by visiting Windowsupdate or the manufacturer’s website. If there is no driver available, disable Aero.

If your Frontpage theme doesn’t publish

If you don’t manage to publish the FP theme you’ve created or edited, make sure that hidden files are visible in Windows. If not, those are not published.

(from – thank you, JB Fontaine)

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