Monthly Archives: January 2007

Groupwise and Outlook

Groupwise is a nice product by Novell for e-mail and collaboration.

It is NOT compatible with Outlook. I just installed Groupwise 6 on a Vista machine with Outlook 2007 and this was what happened:

  • Groupwise installed and rebooted the machine.
  • Vista wanted to block the setup upon reboot. I let the setup continue.
  • Groupwise starts. When I want to make a message, GW compains about the address book that cannot be found and exits.
  • When restarting it, it asked my credentials and started … Outlook !
  • Aside from Groupwise Outlook was empty: no other accounts, no exsting mail messages, no addresses, no to do lists. Nothing.

I uninstalled Groupwise. After which Outlook wouldn’t start: “Outlook won’t load because service GWMSP1.dll not started”.
This is what I considered doing:

  • looking for the PST files in order to reimport them;
  • recreating the existing accounts (but there was no way of creating new accounts and it would not have brought back the old messages
  • uninstalling Outlook and reinstalling it (but that wouldn’t have solved problems in the registry)
  • reformat the machine and reinstall Windows, then Office

After quite some time of reflection and looking around I found

where it is advised to delete the Groupwise profile in the registry. That solved the problem.

I saved myself reinstalling my machine…

Creating a PDF document

Do you want to create PDF documents? PDF Creator is a nice product, but it doesn’t appear to be compatible with Vista. When you print a document on the PDF CReator virtual printer, irt wants to open a dioalog but Vista doesn’t klike that request.

You can use Cute PDF instead, also free (but not open source). There is no problem with Cute PDF.

Status bar empty

“Status Bar Scripting–Scripts will no longer be able to set the status bar
text through the window.status and window.defaultStatus methods by default
in the Internet and Restricted Zones. This helps prevent attackers from
leveraging those methods to spoof the status bar. To revert to previous
behavior and allow scripts to set the status bar through window.status and
window.defaultStatus, follow these steps:
Open Internet Explorer, click the Tools button, click Internet Options, and
then click the Security tab.
Click Internet or Restricted sites, and then click the Custom level button.
Scroll down to Allow status bar updates via script, select Enable.
Click OK until you return to Internet Explorer.”